KINUJO Support Fund

KINUJO operates globally, tackling challenges faced by humanity. As the member of a global society,
we engage in various social contribution activities, extending beyond Japan to the world.

To build a better society, KINUJO will continue to promote sustainable support.

Five activities by KINUJO
to create a better future



2023年4月28日(金)に国立代々木競技場第一体育館にて開催されたBESTAR EXPOに協賛しました。





  • 2022年/早稲田大学、東京大学、共立女子大学、東京外国語大学、青山学院大学、法政大学、フェリス女学院大学、東京女子大学、明治大学、学習院大学、大妻女子大学、横浜国立大学、中央大学、成蹊大学、筑波大学、東京理科大学、日本大学、日本女子大学、埼玉大学、武蔵大学、戸板女子短期大学、東京都市大学、東洋英和女学院大学、駒澤大学、文教大学、立正大学、帝塚山大学、東洋大学、甲南女子大学、龍谷大学、大阪商業大学、京都女子大学、他
  • 2021年/フェリス女学院大学、早稲田大学、武蔵大学、国士舘大学、東洋大学、横浜市立大学、甲南女子大学、法政大学、専修大学、学習院女子大学
  • 2020年/関西大学、東洋大学
  • 2019年/筑波大学、成蹊大学、聖心女子大学、東洋大学、亜細亜大学
  • 2018年/学習院大学、亜細亜大学、帝京科学大学、早稲田大学


<美容リアリティ番組 サロンの虎>


Bringing Japanese Beauty to the World

<Bringing Japanese Talent to the World>

Japanese individuals who excel on the global stage convey the beauty of Japanese culture and the spirit of its people through their dedication and achievements. Their success garners admiration and respect beyond borders, proudly representing Japan’s esteemed reputation worldwide. Beauty is born from a beautiful heart and soul. Embodying and promoting the concept of "inner beauty" that KINUJO has championed since its inception, KINUJO supports the "beauty" of Japan as it shines on the world stage.

Miyu Kato
Professional Tennis Player

Born in Kyoto in 1994, Kato began playing tennis at the age of seven upon the recommendation of her elementary school teacher, quickly showcasing her talent. In her junior years, she was the runner-up in doubles at the Australian Open in 2011. After turning professional in 2013, she won the singles title at the All Japan Indoor Championships and has since competed in numerous international tournaments, achieving a career-high singles ranking of 121 and a doubles ranking of 26, with five titles to her name. Notably, she reached the quarterfinals at the 2024 French Open.

Mixed Doubles at the 2023 French Open: Winner
Auckland (NZL) and Cleveland (USA) 2023: Winner
Hua Hin (THA) 2024: Winner

Airi Hara
Calligraphy Artist

Born in Fukuoka in 1993, Hara started practicing calligraphy at the age of two and became the youngest recipient of the Minister of Education Award. She pioneered the new genre of "calligraphy art," which combines letters and drawings. Known for her approachable personality and cheerful character, she actively participates in various media, events, and fields. Hara majored in calligraphy at University of Teacher Education Fukuoka and, after graduation, worked as a bank employee, gaining recognition as a prominent calligraphy artist.




Technology Provision Overseas

<Humanitarian Aid Activities>

In April 2022, we visited three cities in Poland: Warsaw, Krakow, and Katowice. Our support activities ranged from delivering essential items and mattresses to shelters to assisting large refugee families with rental cost problems. In Katowice, we organized a four-day food distribution event during the Easter holiday, bringing smiles to many children's faces.

This humanitarian aid activity was made possible with the cooperation of the following people residing in Poland.

ウクライナ支援に奔走する東優悟さん – QAB NEWS Headline
必死に支援する日本人。私たちにできること。 - YouTube

Thanks Message

During this humanitarian aid activity, we met a family who had fled from Mariupol. The Andriy family said, "Both my wife and I found jobs in Poland, but we can't find a place to accommodate our family of five. We can pay the rent, but we can't afford the initial costs." To bring some joy to the Andriy family, we covered their initial rental costs and provided them with a KINUJO hairdryer. Later, we received a message from the Andriy family through an interpreter from the support organization.

Message from the Interpreter


I am Katarzyna Pawlak, a Polish translator and a volunteer with the Buddhist aid organization Tzu Chi. I helped Mr. Andriy from Mariupol find an apartment. Mr. Andriy also volunteers with Tzu Chi, helping fellow Ukrainians in need daily. I want to extend my utmost respect and admiration to you and KINUJO for helping Mr. Andriy and his family. I believe your generous support has helped this family regain hope, smiles, and trust in humanity. Thanks to this aid, they will always pronounce the word "Japan" with gratitude and admiration. They would like to personally thank you and your company in a special video. Both Ukrainians and Poles are deeply moved by the wonderful support Ukrainian refugees are receiving from Japan and its people. Please accept my expressions of respect and admiration. Thank you very much.

Katarzyna Pawlak

Message from the Andriy Family

Hello KINUJO. We appreciate your family's support. Your assistance has given us hope and confidence. We are deeply grateful for your warm support. During this extremely difficult time, Ukrainians need help. Thank you again. We wish you all the best.

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